The Clareen Setanta is the Ultimate banjo in the Clareen Banjo range. The greatest care is taken in selecting only the finest materials to provide the player with a visual and audio feast. The well-rounded tone is both bright and crisp, with great depth to give the player the top quality sound they are looking for.

The supreme Setanta is generally a unique design, often with a lot of input from the player. We use superior quality woods such as Birds Eye Maple or Rosewood for the neck and resonator, creating the exclusive appearance of the Setanta.

The Clareen designed Mother of Pearl or Abalone Inlay on the Peghead and Neck is influenced by lots of different themes including the nearby sea and local flora and can also be customised to the player’s own design. A hand-engraved tension band, flange and armrest elevate the Setanta to an exceptional, visual level. In conjunction with the Clareen Archtop Tone Ring, the Setanta allows every note to pop out of this banjo with accuracy and dominance.

Note, a case is an additional cost but a discount is applied when purchased with a banjo

4,900.00 INC. IRISH TAX (See Delivery Info if Outside EU)

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  • Top Grade Clareen Archtop Brass Tone Ring
  • Rosewood or High Grade Birds Eye Maple for Neck and Resonator
  • Double Carbon Fibre Non-adjustable Truss Rods embedded in Neck
  • Ebony finger board and Peghead
  • Tasteful, co-ordinated Trim (Purfling) on Neck, Pot and Resonator
  • Clareen designed Mother of Pearl or Abalone Inlay
  • Engraved One Piece, Teflon-coated, light-weight Flange
  • Engraved Tension Band and Armrest
  • Schaller Geared Tuners
  • Exclusive Clareen Designed Tensionator Style Tailpiece
  • Gallery of Designs available. Check for availability


  • The Walnut, Rosewood or Birds Eye Maple neck with detailed grain is book-matched and  re-enforced with two carbon fibre truss rods embedded inside. The wood’s natural colour is allowed to shine through but it is protected with several layers of lacquer
  • The Ebony Peghead is inlaid with the Model name and a distinctive Mother of Pearl or Abalone pattern in the centre of the peghead. The fingerboard also in Ebony, accented with Ivoroid binding and tasteful purfling/trim, is adorned with a range of motifs at selected frets
  • The precision crafted Geared Tuners are sourced from Schaller in Germany and are made of brass and then nickel plated topped with Black, Perloid buttons.


  • We use either Rosewood or Birds Eye Maple, tying in with the neck, for the Resonator. The objective is a smooth, glossy finish allowing the shades of the wood to shine through. It is protected with several layers of lacquer. There is an Ivoroid binding around the edge of the resonator on both edges along with a black and white trim. An additional trim is embedded in to the centre of the circumference of the resonator, tying in with the neck and pot


  • Clareen Banjos manufactures all of it’s tone rings by hand in our workshop in Galway, Ireland. The High Grade Clareen Archtop tone ring offers a brighter, clear tone
  • The violin grade Maple used on the pot/rim is inlaid with a decorative trim to match the neck
  • The Engraved, Teflon-coated, One Piece light-weight Flange bridges the space between the resonator and the pot.
  • The Clareen Notched Tension Band with 24 mild steel round tension hooks which are nickel plated is hand-engraved to tie in with the pattern on the flange
  • We use an exclusively made Clareen designed Tensionator Tailpiece which is nickel plated. It has 4 “pillars” which can accommodate both ball end and loop end strings and offers exceptional stability for your strings
  • The Brass Nickel Plated Armrest is also engraved to match the flange and tension band pattern or the player’s own choice of design. Often, some personal details, such as Name, are added here
  • We use a smooth black or white banjo head with the Clareen logo for the Setanta.


  • Neck width at the nut: 30mm
  • Scale Length, Nut to Bridge: 19 fret – 23 inches, 585mm; 17 fret – 21 inches, 525mm
  • Resonator Diameter: 355mm/ 14”
  • Overall Instrument Length: 870mm/ 34 ¼”
  • Approximately Weight:4.5kg approximately


  • Includes 3 year Guarantee, 2 additional sets of strings and a selection of Plectrums
  • The Setanta is available in both Standard and Short scale
  • Please specify if you require a 19 fret (standard scale) or 17 fret (short scale) neck
  • The Open-back option is also available
  • Suitable for all tuning styles
  • Please specify if you require left-handed version
  • Note, a case is an additional cost but a discount is applied when purchased with a banjo